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The Wooden Bowl

Contemporary Fiction

The wooden bowl is Faith’s destiny.

Faith Thomas lived a happy but routine life in a square city apartment, worked in a square cubicle, and filed in square boxes all day long. The only roundness in her life came in the form of her beloved oatmeal cookies, until the day she received a wooden bowl in the mail. That wooden bowl begins an adventure that will change Faith’s life.

Faith leaves her familiar Chicago for the unknown town of Worthforall, hidden away in the mountains, a place that can only be found with the help of a hand-drawn map. As she settles into the home that belonged to her aunt and uncle, she finds that surprises are at every turn, inside wooden bowls, each sweetening her days with the touch of destiny. Faith is supposed to make something happen in this small, rundown town, and the recipes are at her fingertips. But just what could it be?

As Faith tries to find answers to her unending questions, cookies, soups, breads, and sandwiches become her constant companions, as they provide the fuel that begins rejuvenating the townspeople. But can she have an effect on the mysterious stranger hanging around her new home? Only time will tell. He’s not willing to give up answers easily, but with the right ingredients, this stranger may find that Faith is his answer, that he may have a destiny in this small town as well.

Follow Faith as she takes the chance of a lifetime, and learn the significance of The Wooden Bowl. It’s a sweet treat you won’t want to miss!